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tv   Headline News  RT  August 30, 2014 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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the u.k. says there is now a severe threat posed to the country by islamic state. is a growing number of britons are set off to join the extremists in the middle east. and to government militias doublethink consequences in eastern ukraine reports on the european volunteers who have decided to join big wars. and china seeks cheap protect itself from the u.s. aerial surveillance following to intercept the american spy plane falling in the skies.
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over a woman will continue if you're just joining us here on r.t. international law for most of the soft and then you're with me to bond with her but u.k. has raced it's a threat level to severe over the danger posed by islamic state extremists prime minister david cameron are flying to new measures to combat the growing tide of people wanting to head to the middle east to fight what they see as a holy war arenacross of all reports on the challenge to britain's traditional values. how quickly it seems david cameron's world has turned just a year ago he was saying this there will be new political progress unless the opposition is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on assad so he is no military victory so we will also increase our efforts to support and to shape the moderate opposition my but now he's going to force us to say this what we're facing
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in iraq now. is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before the year is definitely growing james haq has today raised the threat level for the u.k. from international terrorism from substantial to severe. that means that a terrorist attack is highly likely. but there is no intelligence to suggest that an attack is imminent but what's causing huge concern is the fact that sas the mates of more than five hundred british hard this have traveled to iraq and syria with around half of them now back in the u.k. and some are suspected of planning attacks on home soil but community leaders warn their whole sector of society has been singled out as a scapegoat sibling has been put on most muslim community in britain and the reality is that muslim community and the mosque in britain did not create
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a foreign policy which to invasion of iraq. and what is happening in syria extreme ideology appears to be gaining momentum around the world force in countries like britain to reassess security measures but there are growing voices that argue the u.k. government should be reassessing the very foreign policies that created the right in the first place arenacross of our reporting from london forty. a new video has been circulating online showing a twenty one year old london bragging of joining what he dubs the golden era of jihad calling on other young britons to follow his lead brownback coordinator of the international action center expressed concern at the rise of islamic extremism in the u.k. the u.k. joined with the united states in carrying out a war against muslim countries in the middle east as it's perceived in them in the middle east and amongst muslims in the u.k. is that the u.k.
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government is part of a war against islam and this facilitates it plays into the hands of those who are who are promoting political islamics especially extremist elements who show yes this is a war against islam and yes we can build in recruiting organize on this basis but fundamentally it is the policy of the u.k. government in hand with the united states government that has created the conditions for this development i think behind the terror threat level is the real politics of what's going on the terror threat level is not really about perceived terror it's about preparing public opinion in the u.k. in the united states for an escalating intervention by the united states in the u.k. in the middle east and they always have to do it on the pretext of protecting the domestic population against the threat of terrorism the us military has released a video of an airstrike on their slum extinct in iraq the footage shows a truck being the straw and while driving along the road near the northern city of
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it appeal in total the u.s. has conducted more than one hundred in strikes against dispositions in iraq washington has called on an international partners to combine efforts to combat the group. but you heard his thread discussing a shadow over security plans for the nato summit in cardiff next week as marina possible mentioned there some of the measures have made the welsh capital look more like a high security prison three reader high as sixteen kilometer long offense has already been dubbed the ring of steel it's meant to protect one hundred fifty world leaders along with thousands of staff and journalists during the two day event police forces from across the u.k. have been called in to maintain security the total cost of the security measures is yet unknown but some critics claim downing street is about to foot the bill of up to fifty million pounds some of the locals say that have taken the twitter to
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actually express their anger as how the city is being turned into a high security is they're in with others wondering why there was a need to erect empty duck walls in the german from the stop war coalition things are the fact that nato leaders have to hide behind fences says a lot about their policies their closing lots of schools that children won't be able to attend because of the summit and of course if there's a teachers' strike or some. schools those are private this is supposed to be acceptable many local people as well absolutely fed up with the money that is being spent on this summit when they're faced with austerity we think nato is not a force for peace but a forceful military action on board has a great deal about the unpopularity of their cause that they feel they have to meet behind still barriers and highly fortified. places after one of the places they fenced off is called of course a world if
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a costless and secure for for the heads of state there are lots nowhere. ukrainian soldiers who have been encircled by anti government militias in eastern ukraine for week have been allowed to leave through a humanitarian corridor let's go live now to our correspondents in the region paula see as she joins us now point out there was word that they didn't want to take the humanitarian corridor that was offered by president putin now they seem to have what's the latest that you have for us. well according to ukraine's interior minister the first group of trapped ukrainian soldiers has made their way out of the encirclement and joined other units earlier the russian president vladimir putin urged the antigovernment fight has to allow the soldiers who are trapped in the battleground to make their way out he pointed out that they were not there because of their own initiatives that were merely following orders the anti-government fighters agreed on one condition that these ukrainian soldiers
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first lay down their heavy weapons now on friday russian president putin did say that the military chiefs in kids had turned down this offer and had instead ordered the troops to fight their way out and president putin called this a tragic mistake later however the ukrainian president petro poroshenko and the anti-government fighters reached agreement and from the reports we are now receiving the soldiers are making their way out this comes as downtown donates continues to be shelled there was a railway station that was hit it was a building a car and a bus that were completely burnt there have fortunately however be no reports of civilian deaths at the same time the anti government fighters continue to make advances they are being propped up by foreign volunteers and we met with one such group. thanks for a word so everybody is war as ever every european in the war. and more and more
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overseas find has all signing up for joining the entity of troops in eastern ukraine the war is slowly advancing into jeannette's city center this used to be a hardware store but like a growing number of soft targets around the city it has been reduced to rubble a growing number of europeans are saying enough is enough and are backing their words up with action twenty five year old niccolo was a professional soldier with the elite french mountain troops for five years now he's pushing his skills to good use in ukraine along. side a contingent of other foreign volunteers he's training and government forces in urban guerrilla warfare local. these are people's militias these are not mercenaries or professional soldiers so they need instruction they really have the motivation whereas the kiev army which is a kind of puppet of nato they don't have any motivation whatsoever and they do not really know why they are fighting and against whom there is fighting so that is our
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main strength of the aid is also somebody like. for many of these people from the west and it's the first time to come defend what is considered by western governments bad cards or bad guys cause so it's very important to show the people from the west are distinct from their governments and they are ready to come and fight and risk their lives to defend another world it's not just fans volunteers from c.b.s. spain germany poland israel and the united kingdom our internet scum the front line . we believe that ukrainian army will not be able to sustain. a word or even fall because it's just a day goes by they lose money they lose motivation they lose manpower they lose. they lose so each day that goes by they grow weaker we grow stronger stronger you up now finds itself in between a rock and a hard place what to do is move its young men sign up to fight against its ally.
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but that legally we don't see what the french government can do to us because first of all we're not paid so we're not mercenaries we're not terrorists we're not jihad and of course it's a mission of information it's a political mission it's a mission of soft power a mission that's growing stronger as a brigade of western volunteers is put together under the name of the united continent they're showing just how disunited europe is on the question of ukraine policy on. he didn't it's to. moscow in brussels have agreed that he grain is obliged to pay its outstanding gas bills the e.u. depends heavily on russian gas and ensuring the same transit of supplies for ukraine is key and fitch ratings agency estimates europe will remain reliant on russian gas for at least another decade that's because other suppliers won't be able to meet the demands it's currently too expensive to overhaul the current
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infrastructure and other sources of energy such as shale gas are largely unreliable ukraine also gets its gas from russia has outstanding debts of more than five billion dollars the state coffers are running empty and one of the country's largest power plants has now had its gas cut off after it is too much people are now being encouraged to cut down their energy usage as a well. but then go report on this. it looks like ukraine's capital is in for another sunny week although throughout the hot summer of was not lined up for air conditioners but rather elektra's boilers as the government saving gas for the winter which people have been left with cold showers in the summer the country is preparing for december way in advance like in this school work kids will now have classes on saturdays to avoid the deep freezes of
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christmas with two months of holiday. but some think the public's efforts shouldn't and there wasn't just the future do you know the general evening we can leave the lights off in our houses we can just light candles it will create a romantic vibe and lift your mood i think such light is much better than those bright lamps. energy efficiency campaigns are running wild. bill did you put it in there but if you took great but i was to be in there to get it because of what i said. here's a set of stickers being promoted online so leave your bedroom lights off and you're a patriot but plug in a computer or a laptop and your this. the trend co r t human rights watch has called in kiev to reveal the whereabouts of a russian photojournalist who went missing in ukraine over three weeks ago that was
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deputy director for you up and central asia is that the rights of media workers are being infringed in ukraine both by militias and the army she also said authorities had frequently detained russian journalists before last contacts with a photo reporter under a stone and was on the fifth of august and killed denies having him. led. by coming up on r t international of the super viral ice bucket challenge and has raised tens of millions of dollars for charity to say where's that money go if we find out in just a few minutes. look . differently here in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties have gone to syria in recent months has said
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that he's a reformer mr president which is diddy's telling him to go. to go beyond peace to syria is going to be the subject of. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. the faces change the world right now. to picture of today's you know. from around the globe. local.
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welcome back to our to international british politician and broadcaster ga galloway was taken to hospital after being attacked in broad daylight in central london the m.p. spokesman said he suffered a suspected broken rib and george galloway was reportedly posing for pictures with a group of people when an unknown attack us set up on him the man who was immediately arrested by the police charged galloway hopes the political shows would make them r.t.e. he was in the u.k. can see the latest episode filmed before the assault at one pm g.m.t. . asked during. a summit of the american dream is being held in dallas and there's plenty to discuss after a poll found that six out of every ten citizens believe the dream is now out of reach artie's where in
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a point my own looks at how us optimism trying to pessimism. in the lone star state of america hundreds of so-called free market champions gather for a summit aimed at defending the american dream the the american dream is considered the national ethos of the u.s. the idea that everyone has the opportunity to achieve success through hard work regardless of social class a good paying job financial security a better job. a better future better we and better wages and deafening medical by america doing. to progress to make money. here at home. i for my kids to have to have a better life than me in the aftermath of a financial crisis housing bust and great recession the american dream has morphed into a fantasy for most an analysis by usa today shows that living the dream would cost
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the average family of four one hundred thirty thousand dollars a year only one in eight less than thirteen percent earned that much in two thousand and thirteen are you living the american dream no i'm not living the american dream. itself it's been tough for a little live serve in bouncing around jobs we have a union boys do we struggle because when you go on the table it was paid for them for the companies to give you more money they don't want to give you the money will be why they make you the money but they don't want to pay the workers recent polls show sixty percent of americans feel the dream however defined is impossible to reach even more americans believe their kids will be worse off than their parents the good jobs that provided the american dream or made the american dream a reality for many americans have just disappeared been outsourced and what has
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replaced it are low pay low skill jobs with no job. security no benefits no pension so people are spending all their time working these crazy hours and the hours required to survive are getting crazier a new gallup poll finds that economically stressed americans are working an average of forty seven hours per week with a growing number clocking sixty or more and increasing lack of security or stability in the us workforce has even been acknowledged by america's leader but average wages have barely budged inequality has deepened upward mobility has stalled the cold hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery too many americans are working more than ever just to get by let alone to get ahead and too many still aren't working at all but many critics say the government is to blame for leaving the american dream in tatters because the we
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live in what is not a free market economy we live in a fascist economy we live in a corporate state where you have huge government huge corporations connected to the government big banks especially but the cream of the crop they're living the dream according to reports corporate profits are at their highest level in at least eighty five years however employee compensation while it's at the lowest level in sixty five years for most citizens the american dream needs to be rebuilt because simply defending the status quo may mean working for survival instead of security marina porter. senator rand paul a likely future republican presidential candidate address the american dream gathering is that the search for happiness is hampered by the u.s. government snooping on them and invading their privacy. frankly when you're looking at yourself listening to download from the. internet it's none of the government's
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damn business what you're doing. unless you are secure in your house unless you're secure in your papers you can't have your freedom and the government says oh it's only boring old business records to care. think about your disability they say it's not protected by the fourth amendment they say they can look at everyone's research everyone's data if i look at your visual record i can tell do you drink do you smoke what medicines you take what doctors do you go to this is all very private information and i have no problem if the government thinks sure terrorist and they call a judge and they get probable cause they can look at all of that but i don't want to looking at the records of three hundred million innocent americans.
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but i've got plenty more free online including one flew over texas people in houston that left mystified by the circle of life grabs in the night sky with as promised i'm able to pinpoint the cause i that i not can i please come. also all at sea lifeguard struggle to rescue dozens of adrenalin junkie said as he flooded california beaches to ride gigantic waves hostile i hardly can read the video on the website. the simple viral ice bucket challenge has proved a fund raising spectacular people pouring freezing water over their heads has brought in around eighteen million dollars well the a.l.'s charity but away is this donated money actually going well according to a less associations pipe taught to it on a direct. twenty eight percent of the raise money to actual research into finding
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cures and another fourteen percent goes towards fundraising itself and seven percent on the ministration now that includes six figure salaries for the top team at the un profit organization research i. believe the money is unlikely to trickle down to the people it was meant for in the first place tryst with the first and foremost is the concept that there is no cure when in fact we know there is if you look at who populates their board you'll find the dow chemicals you'll find a lot of the corporations like pfizer that actually produce medications and or products that contribute to neurodegenerative diseases such as. although we'd like to believe the intentions are good the reality is the money is being funneled to wards a lot of pharmaceutical development which is unlikely it will trickle down and affect the suffering of those who have a less in this country in fact the president and c.e.o. of the association makes fifty percent more than the vice president of united
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states so much money behind the cause marketing model we literally have billions of dollars being raised by activating the consumer's charitable instincts that go not to the causes of the problem but actually contribute often to them. so more news from around the world at least six people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in eastern afghanistan the bomber blew himself up in a truck outside an intelligence headquarters while about the blast was followed by a gun battle. group. according to officials forty quite people were wounded and there are thought to be other fatalities the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. protests broke out in bahrain over the beating of prisoners one political prisoner also went on hunger strike over allegations of arbitrary arrests and detentions demonstrators tossed molotov cocktails and said tires of flame in the streets demanding the hour colossi royal family give up power
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and release all political prisoners rests in bahrain has been going on for years now but we think that the security officials. miners have been killed and at least four are trapped after a gold mine collapse near the capital of nicaragua shocked to be working on was cut off by the landslide rescue teams are brought on the wooden ladders to get the miners out and say work will continue throughout the night. with. him as lend warranties or raise the every ation warning curried to. read after a small eruption at the by the governor kaine or it follows a two weeks of earthquakes in the region yes space has been closed to up to one thousand five hundred meters and there could be further disruption if the ash
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clouds form making it dangerous for planes to fly over parts of europe. coming up on r t international all the latest from of the world of innovation and technology update unless you're watching us from the u.k. then max and stacey are busting the bankers and kaiser report. i marinate in the financial world. to cease to goldman's cannot stop it is a very funny take on the demand to credit not going to get any better in life there are and there are but. please.
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please. please. stop rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. place right close to. the first street. and i think picture. on a recorder splitter. on the instrument. could be an old.
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hello and welcome to technology update coming up on today's show. this is tongues falls gets a facelift. science flourishes in tomsk. and we have some phone around the office. but first with electricity bills creeping up and fossil fuels running out. in the song for the answer to the world's energy problems while the solar revolution might still be a way off so let's take some bones and what better way to show off what you can do than in a race in the center of moscow. second way. bush's first solar augusta was held on the most cool river on
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a sunny day at the end of july in the competition nine seems from bush in unison one from monaco both away from the solar powered boats in a race to the finish as well as demonstrating the capabilities of today's solar tech events and most renewables comes on education and the business opportunities that come with. monaco's team synergy was the winner of its class in the two thousand and fourteen solo one once a cargo cult with his sleeve and hydrofoils did leave the favorites when the moscow regatta as well. as the race was organized by graduates from the skolkovo moscow school of management under the supervision of youth guinea cousin of the slick soul of boats which was made in europe for bush's symmetry sailing team was on site after his victory in monaco but the potential of solar vessels has implications everywhere such was the thinking behind the solo one championship which brought together teams from china usa and brazil it's monaco's prestigious you up close.


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